This is exactly what I needed. I use the gps on my phone whenever I am going anywhere, even familiar places. There's a lot of traffic where I live, and it really helps me by alerting me to the best route under current conditions. With the new hands free laws, I needed to find a way to continue using my phone's gps without having to hold the phone. This is a good solution. I had tried a holder that sits on the dash with a suction cup, but it just wouldn't stick to my dash. My car has horizontal air vents in the middle, and vertical vents to the sides. This works great on the middle vents, although it slightly blocks the view of my backup camera. I tried it on the vertical vents, which solved my backup camera problem, but the phone flops from side to side every time I turn. After about 2 weeks of use, I don't notice the issue with my backup camera anymore, and I love this.

Darin Ames

Very well made product. This battery case has 4000Amh which is awesome . The case itself is a silicon case with the inside protecting the back of iphone. Alot of battery cases make your phone heavy but this battery case because its silicon ; my phone is not heavy to carry around. When you run out of juice on phone press button on case and you are set to go. I will definitely purchase again. Thanks

Walter Contreras

I bought this for my children's single hdmi input tv. Before this we had to switch between three different cables. An adult was needed. Now my 4 yr old can reach the button to switch inputs. The tv would not read a new input without restarting before. Now with this splitter it reads new inputs with no problem! No more restarting! Excellent for the price and what it is!

Lee Spruell


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