NOVPEAK for Nintendo Switch Joy-con 4 Port Controller Charger Charging Dock Station

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This convenient Controller Charger allows you to charge four controllers simultaneously. Plug in the included USB charging cord and watch as the system powers up your controllers so you can get back into your favorite games quickly.



  1. The charging station allows you to securely store and charge up 4 Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously.
  2. Distinct dual colored LED light indicator showing charge status: Charging: Red; Fully Charged: Green.
  3. Low-profile design is ideal for all entertainment centers, which can be used as a storage dock when it is not in use.
  4. It keeps your devices fully charged organized and ready for action.
  5. Power through the Type-C port makes full charge to 4 controllers simultaneously within 3 hours.


Input: OC 5V >1A
Output: 5V 200-800mA Max
Size: 118 X 50 X 113mm/4.65 X 1.97 X 4.45"
Gross Weight: About 226g
Net Weight:  About 134g



Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Net Weight:216g

Dimensions: 118 X 50 X 113mm


Package Included:

1 xNS Charger Controller Stand

Adaptor is not included in package.